"Art is the articulation of experience for its own sake. Artistic consciousness is integral to our being and surfaces when we have a sublime encounter with the present.

 My preoccupation is with the experience of place. Painting and collage are my means of encapsulating worlds. Scenes are born, accidentally and on purpose, from all manner of materials: paint, discarded paper, and whatever else I happen to find. The joy is discovering what comes forth staining a blank surface. Certain lines assert themselves. A convergence of marks creates space. Color provokes memory and a picture comes to comes to life. Somehow, bits of detritus and pigments come together and infuse the image with feeling that cannot put into words.  The aim is not just to compose visual elements, but make tangible sound and movement while leaving space for imagination."

 — Anna Herrick

Painter and graphic designer, Anna Herrick was born in New York City, raised in Vermont, and educated at the Rhode Island School of Design. She has been fortunate to live among and learn from artists for her entire life. Her works are the culmination of countless sources of inspiration. She resides at her home and studio in Acton, Massachusetts. 

Artwork available for sale. Studio visits arranged by appointment. Resume sent by request.

Contact Anna Herrick at aherrick63@comcast.net